Fraud Prevention with FEMA Online Application Tool from Fraud Technology

FEMA Loan Application Report from Fraud Technology

Asses the validity of FEMA loan applications with Fraud Technology’s comprehensive disaster report.

Evaluate loan applications by reviewing key factors: (1) the declaration status of the mentioned area, (2) the specifications of the alleged disaster, and (3) the insurance coverage of the applicant.

Prevent fraud and other crimes using Fraud Technology’s FEMA Report.

Determining the Disaste

Unscrupulous people will take advantage of disaster assistance programs that need to provide funds promptly. As a risk mitigation company, Fraud Technology understands the importance of preventing these scenarios from happening. With the right tool, you can vet the legitimacy of applications and maintain the reputation of your lending firm

Our FEMA Report includes an extensive disaster audit that determines the validity of disaster assistance claims.


Communities that are not participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are not qualified to apply for federal grants, loans, and other assistance. But you still have the responsibility to determine their eligibility. Double-check the applicant’s location with the map of communities that are participating in the NFIP. Additionally, determine if their area falls under a declared state of emergency or if it is at highrisk for flood hazards. The information you gatherdetermines if they qualify for FEMA’s disaster assistance application.


Wildfires have devastating effects on a community. The level of destruction it leaves behind is not limited to infrastructure. This type of disaster increases the risk of flash flooding because it alters the terrain of the area. In addressing disaster relief applications for FEMA, you need to take into account the different incident reports relating to the affected area. You’ll also have to identify its current status as stated by the local government.


Most insurance policies don’t cover fires, floods, sinkholes, and vehicle damage caused by earthquakes. In determining the validity of the claim, you can check their eligibility with FEMA’s online database of states and territories. This list covers all areas that are eligible for application as these are communities prone to this particular natural disaster.

The Value of the FEMA Report in Disaster Assistance

You have a responsibility to your clients to ensure that your approvals and rejections are vetted well. Money awarded to fraudulent claims could be financial assistance denied to legitimate applications. As some people are prone to take advantage of the FEMA application, you need to conduct a thorough investigation of their validity. The FEMA Report tool will allow you to easily analyze applications with the federal agency’s database of qualified communities.

As a federally mandated lending institution, you cannot afford to make mistakes with disaster assistance applications for FEMA. Errors here may result in criminal charges against your business. Investing in sophisticated solutions today allows you to create the necessary safety net for your operations in the future.

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