Content Based SSN Verification (CBSV)

Prevent fraud activity accurately by validating applicant identities.



Confirm Identities with Ease

 Consent Based SSN Verification (CBSV)

A common trick used in committing fraud is using someone else’s identity. Prevent this from happening in your organization with CBSV. This online tool validates someone’s identity using the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) database.

CBSV crosschecks the applicant’s personally identifiable information (PII) of name, SSN, date of birth, and death indicator with the SSA Master File and Death Index. The result is instantaneous and 100% accurate.

Using CBSV

Our SSN tool streamlines the verification process. Conduct your background checks with ease when you utilize this online system.

Save Time

Receive instantaneous validation from the SSA Master File and Death Index.

Reduce Costs

CBSV is the cost effective solution providing absolute validation of PI.

Optimize Results

Our partnership with the SSA ensures 100% accurate information.

Importance of CBSV

Personal information is no longer secure. Advanced technology has made it easier for criminals to commit identity theft. Businesses are susceptible to becoming victims of fraud. Protecting your business from these criminals requires your investment in sophisticated solutions.

When your business becomes the victim of fraud, your credibility and reputation suffer.

In educating your staff and acquiring the necessary tools, you are reducing vulnerabilities. And you are better positioned than ever to convince your clients and investors that they can trust you.

Protect your business from fraudulent activities with CBSV.
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