4506-T Verification Tool from Fraud Technology

Confirm income tax returns easily with the IRS.

The form 4506-T verification is an online tool that retrieves your clients’ tax transcripts directly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Confirm their income before approving their loan application.

Prevent Tax Fraud Today

Form 4506-T Verification for Loans

The form 4506-T gives you up to four years of tax transcripts from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Using the information from these transcripts, you can: (1) confirm your client’s identity and (2) determine the appropriate loan plan for them.

We partnered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in creating our identity verification service to give you optimum results. You can easily check your client’s income tax returns and credit history using their form 4506-T. This innovative system will help you determine the authenticity of the information they provided in their loan application.

Criminals are now using advanced technology to commit identity theft and fraud. As a lending institution, you have the responsibility to your business and clients to adopt the proper security measures. Investing in training seminars and sophisticated technology allows you to do this.

Using the Form 4506-T Verification Tool

Our identify verification service works in partnership with the IRS. Rest assured that when you choose to utilize this tool, you are getting information that has been verified by the federal agency.

Quick Turnaround

Our 4506-T verification tool gives you access to your client’s tax transcripts online through the IRS database. This accessibility allows you to check credit histories as soon as you receive the information. The quick turnaround will help you improve your work. Moreover, it addresses issues before they evolve into serious problems.

Less Costly

When you invest in our verification tool, you get unlimited access to the technology until you cancel your subscription. This will help you save money in the long-term. You pay less when you have the tool readily available whenever you need it.

Accurate Results

Since the results come directly from the IRS, there is little room for error. The report you receive after submitting your client’s information is the same data that the government has.

Importance of Form 4506-T Verification

As a lending institution, your reputation precedes you. Being a victim of fraud and revealing your vulnerabilities threaten this very reputation, affecting current and future business. To defend yourself from criminal activity, especially fraud, is in your best interest.

Educating your employees on how to detect fraudulent behavior improves your processes. Additionally, investing in sophisticated technology, like our 4506-T verification tool, gives you a competitive edge.

Find out how else you can protect your business from fraud when you choose Fraud Technology. Get a free one month trial of your preferred verification tool when you contact us.