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Fraud Technology
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with Technology to Prevent Fraud

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Fraud Technology
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Fraud Technology
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Who We Are

We are a leading risk mitigation company that gives you the tools you need and superior customer service.

What We Do

We offer a host of technology products & services to better equip you to make the right lending decisions.

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We offer live customer service support and our team is on standby to answer any questions you may have.

Mitigating Fraud Risks with Fraud Technology

Competition continues to intensify on the housing market. As property values rise, demand grows stronger. Debt limitations have become more stringent, and in effect, more buyers lie and cheat their way into the market. Now, mortgage fraud has become a major problem for lending institutions.

Mortgage fraud occurs when an individual or a group misrepresent themselves when applying for a loan. There are two types: fraud for housing and fraud for profit.

  • Fraud for housing transpires when a borrower omits relevant information about themselves to obtain property.
  • Industry professionals, on the other hand, commit fraud for profit. They omit information about themselves and their clients to maximize profits on a loan.

Fraud Technology addresses the issue with our team of verification specialists. We have developed solutions to mitigate the usual risks in loaning systems. Our income verification for a mortgage, for example, identifies fraudulent behavior at the onset.

Using Sophisticated Technology against Fraud

Fraudulent schemes are shifting along with the business landscape. Technological advancements have made fraudulent schemes more complex. Mitigating these risks requires sophisticated solutions.

Fraud Technology has developed innovative solutions that focus on risk discovery and prevention. These identify and verify common mortgage fraud practices. We begin with a thorough assessment of your documents to determine the right course of action. Our Social Security Verification (SSA-89) solution determines if the client’s name matches with the social security number they gave. This information is cross-checked with different federal agencies for accuracy.

Now, verification of data, such as employment and income, is faster and easier. Find out how our innovative technologies help you mitigate fraud risks.

Protecting Your Business from Fraud

We established Fraud Technology to provide companies with effective and reliable risk mitigation solutions. We have partnered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to optimize our solutions.

Our cutting-edge products cross-check the information you've gathered with federal databases. It consolidates results in a report to provide you with the proper documentation. We have an assistance team on-hand to help you with any concerns.

Fraud Technology believes that effective risk mitigation entails transparency and collaboration. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we act in your best interest.

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Financial Risk Services

Fraud Technology developed financial risk services specifically for lending institutions. We use innovative technology to mitigate risks before they cause any damage. Find out how we've optimized these solutions to protect your business from fraudulent activities.

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  • Verification 100% 100%
  • Valuation 100% 100%
  • Information 100% 100%

Fraud Protection

Fraud Technology specializes in solutions to mitigate fraud risks. Our verification tools identify fraudulent activity and alert you accordingly. From identity theft to application fraud, our services are effective in detecting false information. We have partnered with different federal agencies to ensure that the results we provide are authentic and accurate.

Financial Peace of Mind

Fraud Technology uses cutting-edge technology to protect your business from fraud. Our customer service team is fully equipped to address any concerns you might have regarding our services. We aim to give you peace of mind in your financial dealings. You can depend on our expertise and attention to detail in securing your business from fraud.

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"We have used the services of other verification companies and I have to say that none of them can compare to the service levels that FraudTechnology offers."

Michael P.

"FraudTechnology offers a vast menu of services that our organization finds useful.  They deliver with high accuracy and speed which keeps our files moving along."

Shelly M.

Mitigate Fraud Risks Today

Fraud Technology is committed to helping lending institutions protect themselves from fraud. Our friendly team is on standby to address any of your concerns. We will help you secure your business and its processes with our innovative tools. Get in touch with us today!